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Shaoxing Newbright Lighting Co., Ltd.

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  • Mr. George Li
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  • Phone: +86-575 8208 9598
  • Fax: +86-575 8208 9597
  • Company Location:
    Ludong Industrial Zone, Baiguan, Shangyu, Zhejiang, China
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Founded in 2006, Shaoxing Newbright Lighting Co., Ltd. designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of high quality, competitively priced energy-saving LED lighting solutions for the professional trade, OEM / ODM and projects in residential and commercial fields. Designed to reduce cost without sacrificing quality, Newbright provide a value-driven, contractor-friendly product offering in our 20,000 square meters of research and development and state-of-the-art, integrated manufacturing facilities built according to ISO9001 and 6S standards. Newbright Lighting is dedicated to delivering innovative lighting products and design solutions that are attentive to our customers' most specific needs. Our continuous focus on new product development assures our customers have access to the latest lighting products available on the market. From LED bulbs to light fixtures, we build reliability into every product we make to assure the long service life and trouble-free operation the industry has come to expect from Newbright. Simply speaking, Newbright Lighting is more than a supplier of quality and affordable lighting products. We're also striving to enhance reliability, broaden our support services and deliver total customer satisfaction. Newbright Lighting welcomes you to enjoy our designs, expertise, service, and quality.